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Known for her mastery of accents, with perhaps her most notable being her polish accent in the 1982 film , which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress, she has established herself as a true chameleon of the acting world.

It would seem that there is no challenge that Streep rejects and she instead revels in the complexities of the roles she chooses to play.

Make sure you check the hard drive compatibly list before deciding on which one to buy.

As far as the size to buy, that's really your personal preference.

If you want to backup a large number of games without needing to delete any, go bigger. Each game runs about 4 or 5 gigs, so 160 will fit plenty of games. There's quite a few places to get it, but here's a page that lists some places to buy it online. The're based out of Canada and offer many console trinkets you are sure to find interesting (mod chips and the like), but the choice is yours.

So, you're asking yourself "What do I do with all this? The little known fact is that the PS2 network adapter has an IDE connection for a hard drive on it.

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