How to spot liar dating sites

Monitoring Someone's Behavior Observing Body Language Assessing the Person's Risk Factors Community Q&A A pathological liar is someone who compulsively tells lies or fabricates information.

They may not be completely rooted in reality, believing the lies they tell, often in an effort to remedy low self-esteem.

Verbal cues Deviating from the topic (distancing language), answering a question in a delayed manner, repeating the question asked (stalling), answering a question with another question, highly complex sentences, and giving you tons of compliments after the answer are red flags. Be observant of how he describes his physical appearance in terms of numbers.

See if there is a big difference between his photo and the height and weight he stated.

We can read their handiwork." Using personal descriptions written for Internet dating profiles, Toma and Jeffrey Hancock, a communication professor at Cornell University, have identified clues as to whether the authors of online dating profiles were being deceptive.

The researchers compared the actual height, weight and age of 78 online daters to their profile information and photos on four matchmaking Web sites. The less they write, the fewer untrue things they may have to remember and support later." Liars were also careful to skirt their own deception.

A linguistic analysis of the group's written self-descriptions revealed patterns in the liars' writing. Daters who had lied about their age, height or weight or had included a photo the researchers found to be less than representative of reality were likely to avoid discussing their appearance in their written descriptions, choosing instead to talk about work or life achievements.

4 ways to tell if someone is lying in an online dating profile: The more deceptive a dater's profile, the less likely he or she was to use the first-person pronoun "I." Toma says, "Liars do this because they want to distance themselves from their deceptive statements." Liars tended to write shorter self-descriptions in their profiles, which Toma says is a hedge against weaving a more tangled web of deception. This toolkit of language clues gave the researchers a distinct advantage when they re-examined their pool of 78 online daters.

"Generally, people don't want to admit they've lied," says Catalina Toma, communication science professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison."The more deceptive the self-description, the fewer times you see 'I,' the more negation, the fewer words total--using those indicators, we were able to correctly identify the liars about 65 percent of the time," Toma says.And online daters beware: About 80 percent of the 78 profiles in the study strayed from the truth on some level.People lie about their age, income, job, weight, marital status, and even gender. Fibs are not exclusive to the world of online dating. So, can you protect yourself from online dating fabulists? Here are ways to know if who you’re being fooled: Video chat So your guy claims that his friends say that he’s a fine mix of Ryan Gosling and James Dean with a fleck of David Gandy’s F-U appeal? It is extremely difficult to conceal these due to spontaneity. Cryptic and awry dating profile descriptions Does his/her profile make you want to seek the help of a seer to decipher?Some would be quick to defend that these are nothing but mere white lies. It takes a lot of brain power to lie, and this makes liars lose control of the rest hence the non-verbal cues. If the description is too vague, he’s most probably hiding something.

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