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I also personally know many other widowers who are happily remarried.

As a widower who has since remarried, I’ve seen too many men (myself included) start dating before they’re emotionally ready to make serious commitments to the women they claim to love.You're just another person that decided I didn't fit into your world. I normally do when that's thrown at me.^^^I like Purple. Like many other men, he isn't attracted to overweight women, so I don't even bother sending him an introductory text. I don't need a partner who grumbles about how fat I look or should I really be eating that food or moaning 'if you just lost a few pounds'. Been there, done that, and promised to watch out for my poor, mending self in the future.I find him physically and mentally attractive - except when he grumbles about fat women and not having no (implied - thin) women interested in him. Because why try to entice him with something he doesn't want? Now, if I'm ever in the area, I'll invite him out to lunch and we can discuss everyone else on POF and life in general.It makes you realize you're alive and that you can go on and eventually love another. I know that the 20 years I had with my wife was special...As I approach the 6 month anniversary of her death I realize that I'm still in love with her and not ready to give my heart to someone else. Im not a widow but wanted to at least put in my two cents worth, its a normal feeling that your going through, you lost someone you loved, shared life with, it wasnt like you got divorced, if you had those feelings from a divorce id say it was quite unhealthy , we all have a greiving proccess we have to go through, its part of the healing, your wife im sure would not want you to be alone the rest of your life, time helps to heal the hurt, it wont ever take it away completley but you will be able to move on, your feelings for her will maybe stay with you till the end of your days on this earth but you will also pehaps feel love in a different way for someone else, im glad you cant give your heart to someone else so soon, its a healthy choice your making, because sometimes being lonely makes us make the wrong choices in life, hang in there and take one day at a time. after my husband of 19 1/2 years died suddenly at age 44, I did not even look at another man for about 1 1/2 years. I started dating a man thru mutual friends but purely platonic. About six months after my wife died I thought I could date again. I have serious regrets for the hurt I might of caused the two women I dated in that time frame. We intensely loved each other and had a relationship that most people only dream of.

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