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: Sadly, when Westclox closed it's doors in Norcross, Georgia, in 1999, it was the end of alarm clock manufacturing in the United States.

The escapement is located on the back of the movement, and there is no regulator through the dial, the pendulum must be removed and its nut turned to […] Read More This Ingraham oak kitchen clock had a terrible looking replacement dial when my customer brought it in.I can’t do it justice.” Unfortunately, by virtue of being CTMQ’s sole blogger, I must attempt to write about my visit to the museum. 6, the 1801 home of Miles Lewis located on Federal Hill was purchased and renovated for the museum.But know this right off the top: I can’t possibly hope to begin to describe the complexity and completeness of the collection here. Except for the modification of the stairway for safety and the conversion of the carriage shed into an apartment for the caretaker, the original features of the Federal style house were retained. What I should write is, “Go to the American Clock and Watch Museum yourselves – even if you don’t give a hoot about clocks or watches. Upon entering, I immediately realized the depth of my ignorance. Although there had been discussion about renovating a home close to the factory on North Main Street or constructing a modern facility located on nearby Rte. Bristol (Google Maps Location) April 17, 2009 Amazing. Since Bristol had become an industrial town due to its designation as the world’s center of clock manufacturing, it seemed appropriate that a museum be formed to preserve the heritage of the industry for future generations.

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