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)They've also done celebrity parodies such as Ellen De Generes, Oprah, Martha Stewart, Whitney Houston, Renee Zellwieger, Ashlee Simpson, O. I think MAD TV is very underrated and just shun it out because it's not SNL!

MAD TV has some very talented cast members and it's too bad that they're looked over just because they're not on SNL!

Jordan Peele and Nicole Parker are the only castmembers, besides Bobby, that have appeared in this sketch.

Wendell "Wendy" Walker (Crista Flanagan) hosts her own cooking show where she must make a meal in under 3 minutes.

Several of us formally working with Insomniac Games, Sony, EA and more, we have extensive experience with platforms such as the PS2, PSP, PS3 and more. While we are only targeting PS2 right now, we want to eventually expand to include the PSP, which is also getting the same shutdown treatment by sony right now. I don't come here often, but I can be seen over on OBSRV as camjam1995.

Our personal favorite console of all time, the PS2, has been shunned by Sony and we foresaw the shutdown of DNAS long ago. Everything is too early for beta access or additional screens, but THREE titles are patched and working with our service: The Sims Bustin Out, Burnout 3, My Street. This is my teams project, but due to some bad apples over at another forum I am not ready to reveal anything else right now.

A sketch based on 24 that features Bobby Lee and a guest on the show.

MAD TV can have some misses sometimes, but mostly all the time it's hits with hilarious sketches!!!

If you've never seen MAD TV then catch the reruns on Comedy Central or watch it on FOX, Saturdays at 11 PM!

I made another review on MAD TV and at the time I wasn't a big a fan as I am now. MAD TV has some really funny parodies and a lot of funny recurring characters, though some of them can get annoying (Kenny Rogers is a bit annoying and Marvin Tikvah is annoying) but some of the better recurring characters are Dot, Angela, Lorraine, Stuart (can get to be annoying, though.)The celebrity impressions are hilarious!

They poke fun at George Bush and John Kerry (the sketches from the current season, season 10, are hilarious!

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