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Pale Eddie is widely believed to have played a significant role in the end of prohibition, so it's a fitting tribute to raise a foamy glass of local craft beer to his memory at Pale Eddie's Pour House.

Raise a Glass to Pale Eddie – The Appalachian legend of Pale Eddie changes from place to place, but he stands as a symbol of the independent spirit of Birmingham.

Go Climb a Tree- At Red Mountain Park, the 14-mile network of hiking trails and walking paths is dotting with a series of charming treehouses and lookouts.

The shaded paths wind through fragrant woods and the soft rustling of leaves silences the sounds of the city all around you.

Jill (and her friend) are what you might call ‘up-market’ women.

Certainly they both enjoy a very good lifestyle and they were naturally concerned about meeting inappropriate men.

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We offer a truly personal and completely confidential service to executive and professional men and women in London and nationwide.

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